Dashcam VDC-0401

Dashcam VDC-0401

HD video | 140° | 10 megapixels images

If you are looking for a well-priced dashboard camera, this vicson dashcam is the best pick! With a dashcam you become much more aware of your own driving, because there's always someone watching you and you're always able to recall what happened. The dashcam has a 2.7"  LCD screen, features a 170 degrees wide angle lens.

Ex Tax: € 33.02

Prijs: € 39.95

Dashcam VDC-0402

Dashcam VDC-0402

Full HD | GPS | Free Software | 2.7" Display

The Vicson GPS Dashcam ensures that you always have video evidence in case of incidents and/or accidents. The dashcam allows you to record during the day but also at night, this means you can always record footage helpful when you need to make use of your insurance. The dashcam has a 2.7" screen and records in Full HD. 

Additionally the camera features a built-in GPS, this allows you to track your car by using the free software: it logs location, speed, time and dates.

Ex Tax: € 65.29

Prijs: € 79.00